Meet Our Team

Chief Executive Officer

Derick Smith


A lifelong technogist and more recently, a decentralist, with the belief that a small, highly-skilled team can change the world.

Chief Strategy Officer

Rakesh Rajagopal


A reformed private banker that finds opportunity where others fear to tread, embracing life and people as the journey unfolds.

Chief Marketing Officer

Jess Tang


An overachiever that lights up any room and converses with meaning to add value and find the common ground that builds relationships.


Arvind Neredimili


A senior technologist and leader with over 25 years experience, building and growing companies, and advising executives to increase market share and enterprise value.

Finance Director

Manoj Cherooparambil


A navigator and master of the high seas of finance, with a love for sports and numbers that make sense.

Chief Liaison Officer, Frontier Markets

Dr. Prasannan Nedyiedath


A multi-talented frontier markets specialist, strategists and business developer, establishing sustainable governmental, commercial and community relationships for Ammbr.

SVP Sales

David Stempels


A people person, the first to arrive and the last to leave the party. A multi-cultural team player.

Growth Marketing & Communications Manager

Sarah Vee


Digital marketing veteran and the founder of a successful online community networking platform, now constructing teams and processes to scale Ammbr's digital and social media reach.

Senior Vice President - Engineering

Nikhil Mohan

An avid technologist, reader, and learner, with deep industry and Blockchain experience and full-stack capability, leading the development team.

Senior Vice President - Data/ Analytics

Sibiraj PR

Mathematician, analyst and Software Engineer, leading the data , Analytics and cyber domain team for the Company

Our Advisors

Benny Pang


With a long career as a lawyer, including head of Hong Kong office of a number of international law firm and as chief legal counsel for Tencent, Benny provides legal and compliance advisory services and guides the company in its East Asian business development.

Leigh Flounders


Leigh has filled advisory roles giving strategic direction across multiple topics with government, financial services CEO’s, boards, industry and technology companies, and now lends this to Ammbr.

Paul Warren


Paul offers extensive experience in corporate finance, private and venture capital, strategy and business development to assist and guide Ammbr.

Prashant Shah


Prashant has extensive leadership experience in the media and entertainment industry and in content production in Hollywood and Bollywood, having produced over 35 blockbusters of budgets ranging from USD3M to USD100M.

Dr. Niketu Shah


Dr. Niketu Shah An eye surgeon, deeply experienced in technical analysis, with a penchant for blockchain, who is a passionate educator keen to inform others about the crypto ecosystem and the metaverse.